Autore: Riccardo Pagani

I'm an architect based in Rome (Italy), with 9 years of experience in BIM; I started working in 2009 as a consultant and finally I founded BIMon in 2015, one of the first BIM consulting company in Italy. After two years I founded React Studio, and today we work on BIM design and management at an international level. I'm experienced on BIM transformation and implementations, BIM divulger and tech-enthusiast. I put all of myself into communicating because I do what I do and I love doing it. During my spare time I still continue dealing with BIM (I still love it), playing basketball and go out with Axel, or he comes to the office with me.
1 progetto-people-up-Bimon-abc-monza

People Up: il progetto di BIMon premiato ad ABC Monza 2019

Lo scorso 28 Novembre il team di architetti di BIMon srl  ( composto da Riccardo Pagani, Carmen Iannone, Arianna Cavallo...
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