12 Maggio – Webinar Allplan Bridge Solution – BIM Innovation for the Bridge Industry (in lingua inglese)

BIMportale organizza il webinar “Allplan Bridge Solution – BIM Innovation for the Bridge Industry” (in lingua inglese), 12 Maggio 2020, ore 10-11. 

Il webinar organizzato con la partnership di Allplan Italia toccherà il seguente tema:
– Allplan Bridge is a powerful solution for the parametric modeling, analyzing and detailing of bridges in 4D. The software supports all design phases, from the concept to the final design. Due to the high level of detail, the geometrical and analytical model are ideal for visual design and coordination. Allplan Bridge makes all this possible – easier, faster and more precise than ever before.

  • Fully parametric 3D model allowing easy modifications at any design stage
  • Interactive, geometric definition of tendons in 3D
  • Easy construction sequence definition
  • Automatic generation of the analytical model from the geometric model
  • Static calculation derived from the construction sequence definition
  • Superimposed dead loads directly derived from the geometrical model
  • Schematic, flowchart-like input of the superposition of load cases
  • New features coming in Version 2020-1

Relatore: Gregor Štrekelj – Product Manager Infrastracture Allplan – Jan Osterz – Technical Consultant/Product Specialist Allplan


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